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I have been there and know what it takes to take back control. 
HitRate Boxing
HitRate Boxing is now at ParkFitNZ. 
Who doesnt love putting on a pair of gloves and punching something really hard? 
Even better, your first hit is FREE! 

Not sure? This is what some of our clients have to say:-
"I am really enjoying training with James, he is a fantastic PT who listens to me and also challenges me in a healthy inspiring way. A true GEM for us all. Thank you James"

Lee - October 2019
"I have been going to James at Parkfitnz for over 6 weeks now, and James has been helping me recover from my c section. James has catered exercises for me and has always given me different options for my recovery. Every class I have been to is different and challenging and im always walking away with a good sweat on! James is very motivated in helping me and the rest of us work hard and always dig deeper! I love how local Parkfitnz is and I love how me and my husband can both benefit from these work outs each week!"

Mel - September 2019
"Talk about a workout! James is an excellent trainer who constantly mixes up the workouts to keep it interesting and intense. Every session has had me 'dying' on the floor and unable to move the next day. The great banter and support during the sessions, helps take the focus off the pain! Music is on point too!" 

 Michael - September 2019
"Writing this review following a session (while I'm feeling good and before the DOMS kick in!). James is a great trainer - really enjoy his bootcamps which are varied as well as being challenging. He adapts the exercises really well for what I can do and is super encouraging. I already feel stronger and fitter after three weeks. 

 Claire, May 2019
"James' bootcamps are awesome, I try to get there weekly. He's really positive and motivating. He keeps plenty of variation, making it both fun and challenging."

Hugo, May 2019
"I have been attending Sunday bootcamps with James for the past few months, which are fantastic. No two sessions are the same and James is always so encouraging. He is always ready to offer advice and tailor the sessions to your needs whether you are a beginner or more advanced."

Kerryn, May 2019
"James is a great trainer, who programs his bootcamps with just the right combination of fun and challenging."

Andrew, February 2019
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Primarily outdoors however we have indoor facilities for when things are really crappy outside. These are fun sessions but don't be fooled - you will work up a sweat! 

1-1 Personal Training

Prefer the 1-1 personal training experience? Excellent. Fully customised and personalised training programme tailored to you and your goals.
FREE 30 minutes initial consultation. No commitment to purchase! 

HitRate Boxing

This is a unique boxing experience. This class is a mix of classic boxing combinations and high intensity interval exercises.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

In this class I tend to get a little more shouty. I push you that little bit harder to maximise your results. HIIT is hard but soooo much fun FIRST HIIT CLASS FREE!!!

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