Nutrition 101

Nutrition is such an important piece in the overall health and fitness puzzle. 

You have probably all heard the saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet” and while this is true, you can certainly get awesome results with a balanced one. 

The fitness industry can be a confusing place sometimes with lots of information, sometimes contradictory, on the internet, in books, on social media etc. – is it any wonder we get confused and don’t know where to turn? At ParkFitNZ we like to keep things simple and believe in some basic philosophies: - 

1. If you want to lose fat – you need a caloric deficit (eat less) 
2. If you want to gain mass – you need a caloric surplus (eat more) 
3. If you want to maintain your current body weight – your calories need to match your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) (eat the same) 

We want to help take some of the thinking and guess work out of the process for you, which is why we have created our 28 Day Meal Plans. 

All our meal plans have been drawn up by a certified sports nutritionist who understands how to fuel the body with everything it needs to perform. There are several calorie option meal plans to choose from (1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400 or 2600), all recipes are based on fresh, nutrient dense real food. 

Plus, we will help you figure out exactly what your calorie needs are. 

Who are our plans suitable for? 

  • For anyone looking to lose fat 
  • For anyone sick of following fad diets.
  • For those looking to learn about their calorie needs 
  • For those looking for long terms sustainable and maintainable results 
  • For vegetarians 

How much do they cost? 

You can purchase any of our meal plans for a one off payment of $19.99, plus if you complete your meal plan and find your calorie needs have changed (+/-), we will send you an updated plan to meet your new calories needs for no additional charge!   

28 Day Meal Plan

What is included in our 28 Day Meal Plans?

  • Delicious easy to follow recipes
  • Calories already calculated
  • Macro Split (Carbs, Protein and Fat)
  • Vegetarian alternatives
  • Weekly shopping lists

28 Day Meal Plan - 1400 Calories


28 Day Meal Plan - 1600 Calories


28 Day Meal Plan - 1800 Calories


28 Day Meal Plan - 2000 Calories


28 Day Meal Plan - 2200 Calories


28 Day Meal Plan - 2400 Calories


28 Day Meal Plan - 2600 Calories

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