ParkFitNZ 4-Week Plan

29 March 2020

Hey guys,
This has been a work in progress for about 9 months now, it is something I kept putting on the back burner because other things came up however with the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, never before has a programme like this been more important. 

When we first conceived this idea, we recognised that it is not always practical for people to exercise in a gym, at a bootcamp etc. for a variety of reasons. This plan will hopefully bridge the gap and allow you the chance to work out at a time that suits you without having to buy heaps of expensive gym equipment. The concept behind this programme was to allow you to work out when you want, where you want giving you maximum flexibility. 
So, we bring to you the ParkFitNZ 4-Week Plan.
This plan includes:


Training Plan Package

We have put together a comprehensive bodyweight training plan designed for flexibility to suit busy lifestyles. 
But what is included?

  • 3 x different warm-up options so you can mix and match and never get bored
  • 12 x Bodyweight only workouts (3 per week) to be carried out at your convenience from the comfort of your own home 
  • Video demo's of each exercise and where relevant, scaled options from beginner to advanced
  • No Equipment Neccessary
  • Workouts for the week ahead will be sent to you via email on Sunday evenings
  • No two workouts are the same so heaps of variety to keep you motivated
  • Regular Check-ins with us to ensure you are confident with the exercises you are doing plus offering alternatives if required 
  • Progressively harder workouts from week 1 to 4
  • PDF ebook of full workout plan from Week 1 to 4 so you can do these sessions again and again
How much will this cost?  
When I first began writing these workouts, I was planning on charging a set rate of $29.99 per download for the full programme. 

But I really don’t want cost being an issue for people in these difficult and uncertain times, so instead of charging a set price, instead all I ask (if finances allow) is to pay what you can, a Koha or offering of what you think the programme is worth or what you can afford.  
If you cannot pay that's OK too. I want you to be able to access these workouts regardless of your circumstances. 
If you do wish to make a Koha, our account number is as follows: 12-3147-0487136-01 (Just make sure to use your name as a reference so I know who to thank afterwards)
Otherwise, a simple thank you at the end of the 4 week plan will suffice. 
Where do I sign up?
To be part of this awesome bag of awesomeness, simply click on the box below and drop us an email with the following "4-Week Bodyweight Training Plan" in the subject line and we will get back to you with Week 1 of the plan. 
Sign me up!
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