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Based in Parklands, Christchurch - we have an abundance of awesome spaces on our doorstep to train in. 
Bootcamps are tailored for all fitness and experience levels so whether you are a seasoned outdoor bootcamper or a first timer we have something to suit you. 
The focus of our bootcamps is fun (sometimes the fun comes later) but ultimately we want you to leave feeling energised and looking forward to your next session. 
We want to create a community of like minded individuals who will drive and support one another to achieve great things and have fun doing it. 
Currently we are running Bootcamps on Saturday mornings @ 8-9am and Sunday mornings @ 9-10am. 


Numerous parks and recreation areas surround the Parklands suburb.


Bottle Lake Forest is one of my favourite playgrounds. We make use of the forest to create an awesome training environment.


WARNING. Sand will get into uncomfortable areas. 
That said, there are few better places to smash a workout and feel pretty good about life


I train so I can enjoy other activities in my life, I like to go for mountain bike rides in the forest or go rock climbing. Often I'll go for a jaunt in the hills with family in tow. Why not come along and bank some bonus time in the outdoors? Don't worry - I won't charge :)

What to expect?

A typical 1 hour bootcamp session will comprise of a 5-10 minute warm-up, a working block of 45 - 50 minutes and finally a cool down period of 5-10 minutes. 
We use a variety of equipment (sometimes no equipment) to get you moving and sweating. 
Sessions include Cardio, Bodyweight Exercises, Plyometrics, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Speed / Agility Training, Core Strength, Flexibility, Functional Movements and lots more. 
We also like to create a lot of fitness based games to keep things interesting and entertaining.
Finally, we conduct regular fitness testing sessions (usually separate to the main bootcamp and 100% optional) for those who want to measure their improvements or just to get a baseline of their current fitness levels. 

What to bring?

1. Water Bottle
2. Positive attitude
3. Layers! Layers! Layers!
4. Positive attitude
5. If beach based, bring along a pair of trainers you dont mind getting wet/sandy
6. Cash or card - we like to head for a coffee afterwards at a location nearby
Oh and a positive attitude!!!
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