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HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is one of our more popular classes at ParkFitNZ. 
HIIT comes in many forms but in summary:
What is HIIT?
  • HIIT is a form of cardiovascular training which alternates between short intervals of really high intensity exercise followed by less intense recovery intervals. 
  • The goal is to work at >85% of your predicted max heart rate (or 8-9/10 RPE) during the high intensity portion of the session with less intense recovery periods in between (See more below on Heart Rate Zones / RPE Scale)
  • Short on time? HIIT could be the perfect training method for you as classes usually last 40-45 minutes including warm-up and cool down
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness (reduced resting heart rate and reduced blood pressure)
  • Burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time
  • Improved body composition (fat loss, increased muscle mass)
  • Improved V02 Max
  • Improved sports performance
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Retained muscle mass
What to expect from a HIIT session:
  • We use lots of different equipment and body weight moves to get your heart pumping, from battle ropes, kettlebells, slam balls, med balls, skipping ropes and lots lots more
  • You will sweat - a lot! 
  • Classes last approximately 40-45 minutes including the warm-up and cool down phase
It is recommended that you only participate in 2-3 (max) sessions of HIIT per week to allow for sufficient recovery between sessions. 
Heart Rate Zones:
Most of us these days have heart rate monitors of some kind. Either a dedicated heart rate monitor or one built into our watches. These can be a useful tool for monitor the intensity you are working at. But what does it mean? 
For a HIIT session, the goal is to work at >85% of our predicted heart rate but this is different from one individual to the next. 
RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)
Less sciency that the Heart Rate monitoring but it is a really useful method to determine how hard you are working during a session.
The aim here is to be working at an RPE scale of 8-9 / 10.
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