HitRate Boxing

ParkFitNZ is proud to bring to you HitRate Boxing. A unique and world class boxing fitness programme. 


Why is it different? 

This class is a mix of boxing combinations and high intensity interval exercises for an intense full body workout.  
You will be given a heart rate monitor which will display your current heart rate on one TV screen giving instant feedback on how hard you are working. 

The boxing combinations and high intensity exercises are displayed on another TV screen so you will never get lost in a workout.

Come along give this unique class a try, first hit is FREE! 

    What's included?

    All equipment required for the class is included at no additional charge!  
    Just make sure you arrive a few minutes early to get set up and ready for the first bell.

    • Heart Rate Monitor 
    • Hand Wraps 
    • Gloves (14oz)
    • Guaranteed awesome workout
    • Banging Tunes
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