Strength Circuit

This class is called ‘Strength Circuit’ – a few of you may be wondering what is it, how is it different to our other classes and how can I get this in my life? 

Firstly, the focus of this class is to increase muscle mass, increase strength and improve body composition. We will utilise equipment such as the Squat Rack, Bench Press, Trap Bar, Cable Machine, Dumbbells, Kettlebells etc. 

The intensity will not be as high as our other classes, but it will still be challenging!

  • Resistance (Strength) training will also help with: 
  • Improving bone density 
  • Improving cognitive function 
  • Reducing risk of injury 
  • Reducing blood pressure 
  • Reducing body fat 
  • Plus a whole raft of added benefits 

Now for some really good news! To make this class as affordable and accessible as possible, we are fitting it into our existing pricing structure. 

So if you currently have HIIT or Bootcamp Concessions you can now use these for our Strength Circuit class also. 

Alternatively, if you have an All Access Pass, you can attend this class as part of that membership! 

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