Due to the ongoing lockdown as a result of the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic, for the forseeable future all face to face classes @ ParkFitNZ have been cancelled.

But fear not, we are still running classes - just in a different way
We have looked at multiple options from Facebook Live, to pre-recorded YouTube videos but none of these allowed us the option of seeing and interacting with you, and if necessary correct technique / motivate you which is why we are going to use Zoom instead.   
Zoom is typically used for meetings and webinars but works perfectly for group fitness training too. 
Using Zoom, we are able to interact face to face, communicate and most importantly have a better overall experience compared to watching a pre-recorded exercise video.   
It also ensures you remain accountable! 
It will not cost you anything to sign-up, but you will need to create an account to enable you to join into the sessions plus have the ability to see/hear the session, as well as communicate back (not critical but would be good). 
 Zoom works with most desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
Click here to find a suitable download: ZOOM
Make sure you download the zoom app or login online before-hand, so you don’t experience any delays   
What does a Zoom class look like? 
Check out a screenshot from one of our Zoom classes below
When are classes and how do I book in?
Classes will last approximately 35-45 minutes (like HIIT) and will consist of Bodyweight exercises (assuming most of you will not have access to equipment)   
It’s simple to book into a class, just follow the following steps: 
  1. Login to PTminder in the usual manner 
  2. Book into the ‘VirtualHIIT’ class you would like to participate in, follow the booking process 
  3. You will then receive an email from us with an invite to the Zoom session 
  4. 5 minutes before the session, click on the link provided on your confirmation email and boom – you're in
Check out the Schedule below: 

How much will this cost?  
I really don’t want cost being an issue for people in these difficult and uncertain times, so instead of charging a set price per class, instead all I ask (if finances allow) is to pay what you can, a small Koha or offering. 
If you cannot pay that's OK too. I want you to be able to access these classes regardless of your circumstances - I think we can all benefit from the outlet...  
If you do wish to make a Koha, our account number is as follows: 12-3147-0487136-01.  
Otherwise, a simple thank you when we come out the other end (and we will) of this will suffice. 
I appreciate this is not an ideal situation however, it's far from ideal, in fact it sucks. 
But - I know we can get through the coming weeks together.   
Keep positive, keep moving and stay healthy.   
As always, we will be on hand to answer any questions you might have, just send us a message via social media or email
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